About Debbie

How Debbie got started: Debbie graduated from New Hampshire Barber College on Merrimack Street in 1980. After graduating, she worked at a barbershop on Elm Street. After 4 years, she was all done cutting hair. She went back to work for the Motor Vehicle Department for the state of New Hampshire.

Her father knew of a barbershop for sale and wanted her to talk to the owner about buying the property. Debbie was in the process of turning her life around at the DMV and never thought she could ever own a business or run a business.

Debbie went to talked to the barbershop owner. She prayed, “Lord, if it’s your will let me get this place.” A lady had already put a deposit on it and Debbie had no money. went on vacation before starting my new state job. Her father called her while she was on vacation and said, “You got the place!” He then lent her the money to buy what is now Debbies Barbershop.

For over 31 years, Debbie has been cutting hair at Debbie's Barbershop. She's as real as it gets. Debbie will listen what you want to make sure your haircut just the way you like it.

Debbie has been accommodating and helpful to her community. She will travel to people’s homes or to the hospital for a haircut if need be. Cut hair at the Homeless Shelter day program once a month until the program finished.

The majority of the customers at Debbie’s like a quick, easy, consistent haircut. What they appreciate most is they always get exactly what they ask for.

Some of favorite words to hear are: "That’s perfect!", "That’s exactly what I wanted!", "I love it!", "You do such good work!", and "You can never retire!"

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